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Agenda Integration Switzerland (AIS)

A joint programme of the Confederation and the cantons that enables refugees to learn a national language more quickly and to prepare for employment. This enables them to find their feet in the labour market, to provide for their own needs and to integrate into local society. 

Office for the Integration of Foreigners (BIE)

To promote social cohesion and the integration of foreigners, based on the values of the Geneva and federal constitutions: these are the objectives of the Bureau for the Integration of Foreigners (BIE). It coordinates public action in this field, develops and finances integration actions and projects with associative and institutional partners, raises awareness, informs and guides the population on all migration-related issues, ensures equal opportunities, combats discrimination and encourages joint efforts by associations, the State and municipalities. All its activities are defined in the Cantonal Integration Programme (PIC).

General Hospice

The Hospice Général is the social service of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. It is committed in a responsible manner to the dignity of the most destitute and dynamically promotes the fastest possible return to lasting autonomy for each beneficiary. 

Office for Guidance, Professional and Continuing Education (OFPC)

The Office for Guidance, Vocational and Continuing Education and Training (FOPV) is responsible for the implementation of the Cantonal Vocational and Professional Education and Training Act. 

CAP Training

Within the Department of Public Education, Training and Youth (DIP), CAP Formations is an inter-institutional scheme bringing together the Office for Guidance, Vocational and Continuing Education and Training (OFPC), the Cantonal Employment Office (OCE) and the Hospice Général, which aims to help young people without qualifications to find an apprenticeship place or return to training. 

Geneva Assessment Centre (CEBIG)

Founded in 1993, the CEBIG, a centre of expertise in skills assessment, offers a range of tools (assessment, reviews, advice, tests) that allow :

  • It is up to individuals to give meaning to their careers, to develop them and to transform transitions into development opportunities.
  • Companies to be supported in the management and development of their human resources. From recruitment to the definition of job profiles or in the context of mobility and restructuring, the CEBIG positions itself as a sustainable partner attentive to the specific needs of each company. 

InnoSwisStart by InnoPark Switzerland

Programme for the integration of foreigners:
InnoSwisStart is a labour market measure for the integration of
foreigners through the development of employability. It aims to combine integration with the economic reality in Switzerland, while valuing the skills of foreigners.

Training offer

  • Swiss habits and customs
  • French courses
  • Communication tools in Switzerland
  • The art of networking
  • Creation of a business model
  • Job interview training
  • CV Workshop
  • Use of modern technology in job searches

Support through coaching

  • Skills assessment
  • Coaching and follow-up in the search for an internship

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